Awards and Scholarships

I have been fortunate enough to recieve several prestigious awards in the course of my short career, a selection of which are listed below.

President's Scholarship

Imperial College | 2014

An award given to students entering Imperial College London with exceptional A-Level results and other significant achievements. The award includes a generous financial contribution to the costs of studying at a world class university.

Rolls-Royce Arkwright Scholarship

Arkwright Scholarships Trust and Rolls-Royce Plc. | 2012

An award given to "future leaders in engineering and related areas of design". The scholarship is awarded following a rigorous selection process that includes taking references, a design based aptitude exam and a formal interview. I was selected for a scholarship sponsored by Rolls-Royce Plc. and received

Arkwright Scholarship Awards Ceremony

Arkwright Scholarship Awards Ceremony

Bloodhound SSC Excellence in Engineering Award

The BLOODHOUND Project | 2013

The Bloodhound SSC Award for Excellence in Engineering was awarded to me at the end of my secondary school career in recognition of the many extra-curricular projects I undertook. The award was presented by Jo Finch, Education Ambassador for the Bloodhound land speed record team.

Advanced STEM Leader's Award

Primary Engineer | 2013

I was awarded the Advanced STEM Leader's Award in recognition of my work organising and running Science and Engineering outreach activities for local primary schools. More detail on the projects I helped set up and run is avaliable here.